X-Men: Apocalypse Easter Eggs


The following contains spoilers and Easter eggs. Do not proceed if you have not watched the film already.

Hopefully you have read our X-Men: Apocalypse review before reading this article, as like we have already mentioned there are plenty of spoilers below.

While we haven’t revealed every Easter egg in the film, we have picked some of the best ones to examine and see what implications they may have on future X-Men movies.

We have also decided to examine the post-credit sequence, as many people who are not familiar may have not understood the full meaning.

Since we just mentioned it, it seems like  a good place to start!



If you stayed after the credits you would have seen a clean up operation underway at Major Strikers secret facility. Men in suits, one carrying a brief case, walk in to the room where the young X-Men released Wolverine from his cage.

The man carrying the briefcase opens up an compartment and removes a vile labelled “Weapon X”. This contains a blood sample from Wolverine. The man puts the vile in to the suitcase, and as i closes the name reads ‘Essex Corp’.

Essex Corp is owned by Nathaniel Essex, who later goes on to become Mr Sinister. Sinister is a very famous X-Men villain, who has also had run-ins with Deadpool. Given that they are wanting to introduce Deadpool in to a main X-Men movie at some point, having Mr Sinister as your main villain going forward is a good way to go about this.

The primary focus of this ending will not only to allow ramifications for the next X-Men movie, but also set up Hugh Jackman’s final appearance as Wolverine in his up-coming solo movie.

There are rumours they want to introduce X-23, a female clone of Wolverine who acts as his Daughter. She takes on the mantle of The Wolverine so this may imply that the blood sample could be used for that purpose. This would then allow Wolverine to continue to work with the X-Men in future films, albeit with a different actor.

The other exciting thing about the possible introduction of Mr Sinister is that he has also clashed with Gambit in the comics. While Channing Tatum’s project has stalled a little, they have the possibility to link all these movies through the actions of one evil company or Mr Sinister himself.

Wolverine Cameo:


The Wolverine cameo may has disappointed some, but for others it was a fun way to have him fight in the current timeline, and not be the primary focus.

He had a one line cameo in First Class, and was the main focus of Days of Future Past. This struck the right balance of him being in the film, but not taking all the attention way from the story.

This origin reveal saw Logan in full berserker mode, and he was wearing the infamous Weapon X outfit.

It’s unlikely that any of this will come up in his next movie, but it was a nice way to have the character back for a brief stint.



One of the main criticisms that fans have, is that historically the movie costumes have been the polar opposite to that of the comics.

Black and generic space suits are no match for a bit of colour. And while X-Men: Apocalypse continued this for most of the movie, we did finally get a hint that there might be a more traditional approach in the future.

The final scene of all the X-Men lined up saw them wearing a little more colour. Please continue this trend!

Deleted Scene:


While this scene was cut from the final film, we will more than likely get to see it when the blu-ray comes out.

When the students leave to go to the mall, we only ever see them leaving the cinema. But in a deleted scene they go to a record store.

There Scott finds a vinyl record and the artist in question is actually a mutant in hiding, Dazzler. In the comics she would later go on to leave her pop-star career and join the X-Men.

Whether this will happen in the movies, or if it was just some fan service, is anyone’s guess. But either way it was a nice drop in.

Phoenix Rising:


As all the X-Men unite to fight Apocalypse at the end of the movie, it is up to Jean to deliver the final blow.

Xavier urges Jean to let go and release the might of her powers, as she she does, flames form around her taking the shape of a bird. That bird is in fact a phoenix.

While this won’t be the first time they have tried the Dark Phoenix storyline on the big screen, they have a much better chance of doing it right.

Bryan Singer has already said he wants to see the X-Men go to space, and this would fit in perfectly with the Dark Phoenix storyline.

While it’s unlikely to be in the next film, the potential is there and it was such an outstanding moment in the film.

Did you spot anything else? Let us know in the comments.

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