Logan Trailer Review


The first trailer for Hugh Jackman’s final outing as Wolverine has landed, and the tone shift from previous trailers in the X-Men universe is striking.

From what little we know about the story, it is loosely based on the hit comic series Old Man Logan. The girl, Laura, is in fact his daughter, albeit a clone from his DNA. (Remember this?) Along with an old Xavier, Logan must try to protector her from Donald Pierce, rumoured to be working as head of security for Essex Corps. Little else is know right now, and it won’t be until the second story trailer that we will be able to get a better understanding of the story.

But for the moment, let’s try to look at the current trailer.

If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, or if you just want to see it in all its brilliance again, you can view it below!

First of all, the music. The song choice perfectly matched the sombre and dark tone of the visuals. Around the one minute mark you get the key change and with that the visuals turn from story based to actions. While comments have been made, in regards to the trailer looking like The Last of Us, it was a great trailer.

5 Things From The Trailer:

We have chosen some key scenes that we think stood out the most during this trailer. Don’t forget to tell us your favourite bits in the comments!



Is one of the reasons the X-Men are no longer around going to be taken from THAT scene in the Old Man Logan comic? The incident that lead Logan to leave behind the Wolverine persona? That would be interesting. While we are not going to spoiler it here, you can Google it or better yet, go buy the Old Man Logan series. It does seem to suggest that Mutants are no longer in the public eye, whether in hiding or on the verge of being wiped out, it is clear that Laura might hold the key to their survival.


Time Doesn’t Heal All Wounds

A heavily scarred Logan looks to be in a bad way. We also see him with superficial cuts later on in the trailer that don’t appear to be healing. Is old age slowing down his regeneration? The thing with Wolverine is that when he’s been ‘killed’ in previous movies you don’t feel any real emotion as you know he will just get back up. But now what if that’s not possible? What if the Wolverine is going to finally stay down permanently? A more vulnerable Wolverine makers for a much more interesting story.


Family Dinner

In what was one of the trailer’s most powerful visuals, here we have the three main characters sat around enjoying a meal, a last supper? While all three are smiling and taking in this joyous moment, it is only Laura and Logan who have a normal smile. Xavier has almost tears of joy, which could link back to the lack of mutants in this future. He loved his students, they were his children, and if he lost them all, to see a familiar face sat next to the future of the mutant race must be a truly overpowering thing to witness. This part of the trailer was perfect.


Claw On Claw

It is difficult to see, but could those claws be Laura’s? What we know from the comics is that X-23 has two claws on her hands. Could she be losing control in a rage? Or is this something else entirely? The claws are thinner and more rounded, so if not X-23’s could it be a new version of Lady Deathstrike? Or could it be a failed experiment from Mr Sinister?


Goodbye Xavier?

The final scene of the trailer sees Logan and Laura stood looking down. Logan appears to be holding a spade, and looking upset. Could this be the burial of Professor X? Laura comes to comfort him and holds his hand. Could this signify that Logan loses a ‘father’ and gains a ‘daughter’? A powerful and moving scene that oozes with emotion and finality. Perfect.

What did you like most about the trailer?

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