Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Teaser Review


Well, Christmas has come early!

We all were expecting a trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 to debut with the up-coming Doctor Strange move. But hot on the heels of an epic poster, director James Gunn has given us a little teaser trailer to ignite our rocket boots!

The first Guardians of the Galaxy was a phenomenal critical and financial success. Everyone thought that it was going to be Marvel Studios first flop. And just like Ant-Man it proved all the doubters wrong. When a sequel was greenlit it soon became one of the most eagerly anticipated Marvel movies

If you haven’t seen the teaser trailer yet, or if you just want to see it in all its brilliance again, you can view it below!

There are already rumblings that a full trailer will still be landing alongside Doctor Strange, so we will try and keep this first teaser breakdown short, and will cover the first full trailer in much more depth.

This review contains mild spoilers, basically information that director James Gunn has ALREADY confirmed during various Twitter & Facebook Q&As.

5 Things From The Trailer:

We have chosen some key scenes that we think stood out the most during this trailer. Don’t forget to tell us your favourite bits in the comments!


Lord Of The Stars

Throughout the trailer we get to see Star Lord being the all-action hero that he thinks he is. From gunning things down in his spaceship to flying off with his rocket boots. But the great thing about Chris Pratt’s character is that he is also very flawed and basically ‘wings it’ through every dangerous scenario he faces. This helps with the appeal of the character and you can relate to him more so than a fully-fledged super powered hero. With the quest to find his dad (played by Kurt Russell) his personal journey should allow us to see a more emotional side to his character, something that was only touched upon in a few brief moments in the previous film.


The Dynamic Bluo

Michael Rooker (and Karen Gillan for that matter) is set for a much larger role in GotG Vol 2, and if this shot is anything to go by we are in for an exciting time! Director James Gunn has already confirmed that Yondu will essentially be a full member of the team. So it is no surprise to see him paired with Rocket here, given that Groot is now just a sapling. Rocket’s personality will play beautifully alongside Yondu’s, so already this looks set to be the perfect match-up. It’s also great to see Yondu with his comic book head fin!


Colours & Visual

Colour and striking imagery played a massive part of the first film’s success. And this perfectly edited trailer takes from that with some outstanding and striking visual imagery. It is shot after shot of pure excitement, adrenaline and wonder. The colour ones throughout all are in stark contrast to each other, yet at the same time seem to blend perfectly resulting in a phenomenal treat for your eyes. This movie is meant for the big screen, and to really get the most out of it IMAX or 3D is defiantly recommended.


Drax The Comedian

One of the surprises from the first film was Dave Bautista’s brilliant timing and delivery of his lines. He was genuinely funny, and in this teaser it’s a clear return to form as he just oozes hilarity and awkwardness.  The funniest line was “Yes” when he went in for the hug, it was just perfection. The bar has been raised from his last performance, but given on what we’ve seen so far he looks to clear it yet again.


Baby Groot

Just when you think you’re not going to see him, the cute little sapling makes a brief appearance at the end. Sporting a brand new jacket as well! But despite how cute he looks or the noise he made, it’s the visual of him on Rocket’s shoulder that is the most endearing element. Throughout the first movie, Rocket would be on Groot’s shoulder, but now the role has been reversed. This dynamic shift presents a range of new possibilities of how the duo interact with others around them.

What was your favourite part of the trailer? Let us know in the comments!

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