Lonesomes (Comic) Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno | www.xgeeks.co.uk)

We all love comic books, right? They are a source of entertainment, escapism and occasionally can provide us with some much-needed love. When you stumble upon a great comic series, it provides all of these things, and with Lonesomes, we just might have found a truly special comic.

The series is promoted as:

Pokemon meets Ultimate Spider-Man — an American take on “Collectible Monsters” about kids who find monsters drawn to their loneliness

Now, by mentioning Pokemon and Ultimate Spider-Man I’m already intrigued, however, it was the mention of loneliness that really spiked my interest.


The basic premise of the series tells the story of mystical animals called Lonesomes, Pokemon style creatures that are drawn to a person’s loneliness.
Having read the first three issues, courtesy of the creator, I can tell you, while part of the comic’s makeup draws obvious influence from other media, there is a genuine uniqueness to the story.  It’s hard to put across how well the loneliness aspect is delivered in the comic without going into spoilers. But it’s safe to say that it was handled with elegance and compassion. Ultimately, the story was very relatable and definitely comes from the heart. It also contains moments of charming humour.

From a technical standpoint, the comic is really well put together. The vibrant colouring is mixed with crisp and sharp linework allowing the imagery to spring from the page. The unique designs of the Lonesomes are incredibly imaginative and show clear signs that a lot of thought and time went into their creation. As for the human characters, they suit my personal preference of ‘East meets West’.


While I have been treated to the first three issues, I definitely have the taste for more, and really hope that the project comes to print. It’s an easy comic to get drawn in to, as the creatures, characters and world are very exciting and engaging. I’ve read my fair share of indie comics, and this is definitely up there with the best of them. Underneath the fantastical story and action, there is a lot of heart, and that is probably the comic’s strongest element.

Lonesomes is an exciting comic series that has you craving for more after every issue. The story, characters and unique setting make for a really enjoyable read. The brilliant story elements are supported by great technicality, with a special mention for the comic’s colouring. Lonesomes is charming, funny and a comic I would highly recommend. 


For more information about the comic, or to help support the project be sure to visit the Lonesome Kickstarter page

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