Arrow: S6E10 ‘Divided’ – Review


By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Contains spoilers.

Divided is a very apt title for this episode. We are back in Star City five weeks since Team Arrow was torn apart due to mistrust and tantrums. The opening scenes this week show mob boss, Jerry Bertanelli having his office invaded by Cayden James and Black Siren who try blackmailing him into handing over his port to them. They threaten to kill his daughter and give him 48 hours to say yes.

OTA are struggling to track down Cayden and evil Laurel. Oliver is still back in the hot seat while Curtis is kindly continuing to work on a remedy for Diggle. Felicity picks up on a weird echo which results in her discovering that their secret hideout has been bugged and that they’re identities are completely compromised as Cayden has probably been watching them for months.

Thea is sniffing around the Mayor’s office and ends up appointed Quentin’s Chief of Staff. I’ve got issues with Thea. I really like her character but I’m getting scared at how underused she has become. Up until recently, she was always quite central to the storyline, but she’s become rather sidelined. She just needs to put the Speedy suit back on and get back to kicking ass. Although, a conversation during this week’s episode between Thea and Oliver does imply that she hasn’t hung the suit up for good!! For now, though, her mission seems to be working with Quentin to appeal to evil Laurel’s better side.


Jerry Bertanelli asks the Green Arrow for his help in outsmarting Cayden James. After a few encounters with them, Oliver realises how bad things are about to get for him as it is revealed that Bratva and The Vigilante are also working with him. As stubborn as he is, Oliver realises he can’t fight them all alone.

Curtis, Rene and Dinah decide to form their own brand new team. I really enjoy the relationship between Curtis and Rene, the two characters really bounce off each other and their humour definitely lightens the mood of the show. They both work out that Cayden must have leaked information to Agent Watson which brought Rene to her attention. The only possible reason Rene can think of for this is that he’s the most handsome and charming, obviously! The tensions between the two sides of Team Arrow build further throughout the episode and even after Oliver apologises to the newbies and asks them to return, they stick to their guns and refuse. Before all ties are cut, Curtis hands Diggle a new improved chip to help his muscles and things look up for Oliver as it appears to work instantly meaning that he’s no longer fighting solo.

Great episode this week and it will be interesting to see how things play out between a divided Team Arrow over the coming weeks. The fact that they’ve brought back Katie Cassidy as a series regular makes me think that Quentin and Thea will eventually get through to her, especially after she let Quentin escape a few episodes ago. But the thing I’m most looking forward to for the rest of Season 6 is the return of Roy Harper, even if it may only be for one episode!!!

Oh and one last thing … Stephen Amell really deserves applause for upping his game recently. He gave some great action scenes this week which was very enjoyable to watch.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Arrow? Let us know in the comments.

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