Arrow: S6E11 ‘We Fall’ – Review


By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Contains spoilers.

Cayden James has cyber hacked into Star City and plays around with cars, elevators and planes which results in the death of Police Captain Frank Pike and a Councilman, amongst others. Oliver puts Quentin and Thea in charge of SCPD temporarily and is plotting the city’s defence in his office when he’s interrupted by the man himself. Cayden shows up demanding $10 million every day until further notice to calm down in his fight for vengeance for the death of his Son, who he is convinced was killed by one of Oliver’s arrows.

Whilst still very much separated, OTA and NTA agree to work together. Although they have fallen out they are still fighting for the same goal. The new team are loving life as a trio. One of Curtis’ t-sphere’s lights up and begins tracking Cayden. They head to the location and as communication between the three of them is blocked, Curtis is met by Vince the Vigilante. Vince tells him he’s working as a double agent, and that Cayden is, in fact, his target. He also gives Curtis some intel that Cayden is planning a subway crash. Is it a trap? The team of newbies head down to the subway and after Curtis can’t work out how to stop the crash, Dinah awesomely does it with her Canary Cry. This was FANTASTIC to watch!!!! She’s not happy at all though when they get back to base and finds out that they were following a lead from Vince. Her protests fall on deaf ears as Curtis and Rene stick together in trusting him.

Felicity works out that Cayden has blocked all exits from the city bar one. A tunnel which William’s school are using on a field trip. A gas leak causes explosions to start from the cars trapped in the tunnel, and as William’s classmates start to panic around him, he calmly gets them off the couch and towards safety. Daddy shows up just in time to save him from being trapped by a fallen sign. I don’t think Oliver thought this one out very well though as he’s been lying to William about being The Green Arrow. William doesn’t seem impressed when he realises.


Cayden moves forward with the next part of his plan, and as they’re about to move out, Vince sends Curtis a message through the t-sphere to let him know where they are going. NTA head straight there and are met there by OTA. They fight better here than they ever did while they were one big happy family, which excites Oliver until Rene tells him nothing has changed. Vince also takes down Boots in this scene, proving that he’s telling the truth. Or is he? I can’t see this being straightforward, especially after him bragging to Cayden last week about knowing how to play Dinah. She does fall straight into his trap though and appears completely smitten when she meets him later that night.

After all the excitement, Oliver apologises to William for lying (again). He tells him that he will stop being The Green Arrow if he needs, but luckily for Star City William is willing to share his father. Maybe not so lucky for Diggle though who is missing the green hood. William’s not worried about being an orphan anymore now he has Felicity. Awwww! As the episode ends Oliver walks back to his office and instructs Thea to send Cayden the money.

This episode seemed a little slower than normal but had great scenes, especially from the newbies. The dynamic between Dinah and Vince is really interesting and there’s no way the situation is as simple and Vince has made out to Curtis.

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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