Arrow: S6E13 ‘The Devil’s Greatest Trick’ – Review


By Robert Ernest (@thatRobster |

Contains spoilers.

Twist, turns, great action scenes and a “flash” of Barry Allen, this episode of Arrow has it all. It’s a race against time from the get-go, as they have 4 hours to find the bomb they were unsuccessful in finding last week. Flashbacks give us some insight into what Cayden was like before his son, Owen, was killed. We see a softer man who has a strained relationship with his son, and although he tries – he’s a Dad who never shows up due to his commitments with Felix.

Dinah is on the hunt for Black Siren, hellbent on revenge. Man, she’s angry!!! Curtis and Rene try to bring her focus back to protecting the city but she’s not having any of it. Alena, who seems to have worked her way in as Felicity 2.0, finally unscrambles the video of Cayden’s son being killed and realises that an assassin was hired to do the job. Oliver and Diggle show this to Cayden and he demands they bring him Laurel, Anatoly and Diaz as it could only have been one of those three who killed Owen.


After some chasing, we end up with Cayden, his 3 suspects and Team Arrow in the same room – along with Cayden’s bomb. William is also there after escaping safety with Thea and Felicity to be with his Dad. Cayden wants answers but gets a fake confession from Laurel. His bomb detonator interferes with the restraints she’s been put in and she blasts her way out. Everyone disperses leaving Oliver and William alone with Cayden. After weeks and weeks of trying to stop him, Oliver pretty seamlessly shoots the detonator out of Cayden’s hand, meaning that the city is safe once again. Cayden is arrested and when Oliver visits him at the police station, he hands over information of people he has worked with and where he has stashed all that money.

Nothing is ever this easy in Star City. And as your suspicions rise in wondering what Cayden is going to do, he’s visited by Diaz who announces his own plans of taking over the city. He thinks this will be pretty simple seeing as he has the new police captain working for him. He confesses to killing Owen just before killing Cayden too.


There are more great action scenes this week, specifically between Dinah and Laurel. I always enjoy a Canary/ Siren fight. Quentin is still not giving up on Laurel and no matter how much she tells him that she loves being evil, he’s still convinced there’s good in her. I think he’s starting to convince her too.

So with Cayden James now dead, the rest of the season is due to take a huge turn and I’m excited to see what’s going to happen next!

What did you think of the episode? Let us know in the comments.

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