Stranger Things 3 Trailer Review


By Ben Wright (@iamzavagno |

“We’re not kids anymore”. You get the feeling that is going to be a major theme in the upcoming season of Stranger Things.

The idea of a ‘Summer of change’ is a tried and tested trope in entertainment. These kids that we have followed are hitting that puberty stage, where everything is changing, in more ways than one! The trailer indicates that Stranger Things 3 will use this premise and weave it into its narrative. Friendships will undoubtedly alter in places, with some established partnerships possibly shifting elsewhere. Going from children to teenagers brings a lot of drama and change. I feel this will make for extremely compelling viewing as these characters we know and love, start to explore who they are and start to transform into the adults that they will eventually become.

If you haven’t done so already, you can watch the trailer below.

So what does this trailer show us?

To go along with the Summer vibe, you get that sense of another Spielberg-esque adventure. Large fields, kids working together on projects, all against the backdrop of the danger threatening a small town and the people within it. It’s a tried and tested formula, one that Stranger Things continues to deliver on. So I’m not concerned that they won’t be able to deliver or that there will be any show fatigue. The tone and visuals look really good, and I cannot wait for the Summer to arrive so we can finally binge-watch all the episodes.

As always, we have picked our top five scenes from the trailer to take a closer look.

5 Things From The Trailer:


Practical Jokers

I loved the tonal shift in this opening scene for the trailer. It went from pure horror to comedy seamlessly in one single, well worked, transition.

It ticked every box that you could want from the show. Different genre tropes, a perfect score, retro items and slick cinematography. It was the perfect way to start off the trailer and be reintroduced to all these amazing characters.


The Upside Down

It wouldn’t be Stranger Things without the terrifying threat of ‘The Upside Down’.

They continue to grow and develop The Upside Down, so I’m interested to see how much of a role it still plays in the show. We know bad things come from there. And some of the show’s best moments have come from within The Upside Down. Here we have a few glimpses of Eleven once again venturing into the darkness. At one stage it appears as if she is drowning in the dark, black water. It’s a chilling sight.


The Gangs All Here

I love this shot. Some of the frustrating parts of Season 2 stemmed from having the gang too far apart for most of the season. We needed Eleven as part of the main group, but hopefully, with the parental arc pretty much closed, there can be a shift back to more interactions as a collective. This shot gives me hope that this will be the case.

As well as the gang all together, you can see that Eleven has had to use her powers to fend off an off-screen foe. The shattered glass around them infers that it was a big offensive!


M-M-M Monster!

Stranger Things has always done well with its monsters. And it looks like they are kicking things up even further this season! The design is really good. It has a Resident Evil (the games) vibe to it, which I like. This looks like it’s going to be the main monster threat this season. So it feels like they are going to do an Aliens and Alien 3, going from multiple threats back to one main monster antagonist.

We know that there will be both supernatural and human threats this season. So having that double edge threat should make the show very exciting to watch. Hopefully, they can blend the two, so that they work well together.


The Bromance We All Deserve

Hook this up to my veins!

Dustin and Steve was my personal Stranger Things 2 highlight. I loved everything about their dynamic and thoroughly enjoyed their journey together. While it looks like the core group’s friendships might alter slightly, I’m relieved to see that Dustin and Steve are continuing to develop together. I have high hopes for both of them this season.

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